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We've been well known for over 40 years as a wholesaler and specialist supplier of truck tires from renowned brands. Among others, our assortment features the following brands;

  • Goodyear

  • Bridgestone

  • Dunlop

  • Firestone

  • Fulda

  • Michelin

  • Sava

  • Continental

  • Kelly Tires

  • Hankook


The environment, traffic safety and efficiency are particularly important aspects for the international truck tire brand Michelin. Mijnheer Truck Banden shares this philosophy and is wholesaler and supplier of Michelin truck tires, in part because of this. Michelin produces truck and trailer tires in many sizes and types, suitable for all types of transport. Michelin tires have a particularly long service life because it is possible to re-profile the truck tires or to replace the tire treads.

  • International transport

    X Line
  • Regional transport

    X Multi, X Coach
  • Urban transport

    X Coach, X Works, X Incity
  • Off road

    X Works, X Force

Kelly Tires

The truck tire brand Kelly Tires has been specialised in the production and development of truck and trailer tires since 1894

  • On- and offroad

    12.00 R 20 Armorsteel KMS On- and offroad
  • Regional and international transport

    12 R 22.5 Armorsteel KSM Stuuras Regional and International transport
  • Pull shaft

    295 / 80 R 22.5 Armorsteel KDM+ Pull shaft Regional and International transport
  • Trailer tires

    385 / 65 R 22.5 Armorsteel KTR Trailer Regional and International transport


  • International transport

    e3 Wide DL07
  • On- and off road

    Smart Work DM09
  • Regional transport

    Smart Flex DL12
  • Winter tyres

    Smart Control AW02


Mijnheer Truck Banden has been active for many years as a wholesaler and supplier of, among others, Firestone truck tires.

  • Regional and international

    Firestone FS422
  • Regional transport and on/off road

    Firestone FS833


  • On- en off road

    Scandinavia HS3, HD3 and HT3
  • Urban transport

    HtC and HTC 1
  • Winter tyres

    HSW2 Scandinavia
  • Regional transport

    EcoPlus HS3, HD3 and HT3


Mijnheer Truck Banden is a wholesaler and supplier of Bridgestone truck tires. From our warehouse we can supply Bridgestone truck and trailer tires for both international and regional transport as well as on-road and off-road transport.

  • International transport

    Ecopia H-Drive 001
  • Regional transport

    R-Steer 001
  • Special transport

    R 168
  • Light transport

    M 729
  • On- and offroad

    M-Drive 001
  • Winter tires

    W 958


Mijnheer Truck Banden delivers Goodyear truck tires and is an official wholesaler for this top brand. We deliver Goodyear on-road truck tires, mixed use truck tires, and off-road truck tires.

  • Winter tyres

  • Regional transport

    KMAX S
  • International transport

  • Offroad

    Omnitrac MSS II


As a wholesaler of Dunlop truck tyres, we have various models in stock. We deliver on-road tires, winter tires for trucks, truck tires for mixed use, off-road tires, and tires for coaches and buses via our 24-hour delivery service, directly from our stock.

  • On-road

    SP 346 HL 3PSF
  • Off-road

    SP 382 MS
  • Touringcar

    SP 346 M+S 3PSF
  • Winter tyres

    SP 362 M+S 3PSF



Sava truck tires have been produced for nearly a century, by a professional group with a lot of expertise, that is supported by the Goodyear holding. The production of Sava tires takes place in one of the most advanced factories in Europe.

  • Regional and international

    Sava 315/70 R22.5 AVANT 4 PLUS 3PSF
  • Touringcar

    Sava CITY U4 M+S
  • Regional and international transport, 10 tons

    Sava CARGO 4 HL 164K M+S
  • On- and off road

    Sava CARGO MS M+S