Firestone truck tires, also for winter tires

Mijnheer Truck Banden has been active for many years as a wholesaler and supplier of, among others, Firestone truck tires.
From our modern warehouse we supply Firestone truck and trailer tires. We do this for international, urban and regional transport and construction & civil transport. Applicable for both on-road and off-road transport. Of course we also have Firestone winter tires in stock for you.

Firestone truck tires with European label

All Firestone transmission axles, steering axles and trailer tires are of course provided with the European tire label, a legal requirement of the European Parliament that contains important information about the truck or trailer tire. Especially concerning safety and the environment.
Based on three fixed criteria you can easily compare the different types of truck tires. It concerns the following three criteria:

  1. the noise output of a truck tire
  2. the fuel efficiency of a truck tire
  3. the degree of grip of the tire of a truck on a road surface in wet weather

A selection of our Firestone truck tires:

Regional and international transport on-road tires

  • Firestone FS422 Steering axle tire
    Extra comfort through the application of Groove Fence technology
  • Firestone FS400 Steering axle tire
    A durable tire because it offers resistance to wear due to irregularities
  • Firestone FD622 Pull axle tire
    Good traction and reliable steering
  • Firestone FD600 Pull axle tire
    Excellent traction for reliable driving and braking behaviour
  • Firestone PSD3000 Pull axle tire
    Excellent return per kilometre, for local and international transport
  • Firestone TRAILER FT522 Trailer tire
    This durable tire is especially suitable for long distance transport
  • Firestone TSP3000 Trailer tire
    Excellent resistance to irregular wear

Regional transport and on-road and off-road

  • Firestone FS833 Steering axle tire
    Excellent response to steering movements and great grip due to the tread design with ribs and connection grooves
  • Firestone UT3000 Plus Steering axle tire
    Particularly resistant to incision, for example by stones
  • Firestone FD833 Pull axle tire
    A self-cleaning tire for the pull axle which ensures consistent performance while driving
  • Firestone UT3000 Plus Pull axle tire
    High resistance
  • Firestone FT833 Trailer tire
    Excellent resistance to irregular wear
  • Firestone TMP3000 Trailer tire
    Has a high resistance to scoring
  • Firestone UT3000 Plus Trailer tire
    Provides excellent performance under rough conditions

Firestone truck tires, the history

For almost 118 years, Firestone has been a global player in the development and production of, among other things, truck tires. In our assortment we have a diverse range of steering axle tires, pull axle tires and trailer tires.
The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was an American manufacturer of vehicle tires.
Founded in the year 1900 in Akron, Ohio, by Harvey Samuel Firestone.
As a manufacturer, Firestone was one of the forerunners in the production of tires for cars and also a real innovator in the field of mass production. Harvey S. Firestone maintained a warm friendship with the world-famous Henry Ford. These contacts enabled Firestone to become a top supplier of tires for all new Ford cars. And they also quickly became an indispensable player in the tire market.

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Mijnheer Truck Banden has a lot of experience and a broad knowledge of the transport world and the various tire brands that are offered. Firestone is a top brand in our range.

We prefer to give you a personal consultation about the purchase and installation of Firestone truck tires at your location, so that we can get a good picture of your company. Would you like advice from the expert on transport and truck tires?
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