Fulda truck tires, top quality from Germany

The truck tires of the German brand Fulda are extensively tested before they are put on the market.

Fulda tires have to meet very strict performance criteria: good stability of the truck at high speeds, optimal grip in turns and good behaviour on both a dry and a wet road. Fulda has been active in the tire world for more than a century, these are high-quality tires that have already won many awards. Of course all Fulda truck tires are provided with the obligatory European tire label.

Mijnheer Truck Banden attaches great importance to the performance requirements of Fulda with regard to truck tires, which is why we have been the proud supplier and wholesaler of Fulda tires for many years.

Assortment Fulda truck tires

As a wholesaler of, among others, Fulda tires, we have various types of truck and trailer tires in our range. Below you will find a small selection.

Fulda steering and transmission axles for international and regional transport

  • Fulda Ecocontrol 2+ 3PSF
  • Fulda Ecoforce 2+ 3PSF

Fulda trailer tires for international and regional transport

  • Fulda Ecotonn2 HL M+S

Fulda trailer tire suitable for mixed use, both on-road and off-road

  • Fulda Variotonn M+S

Fulda winter tires

  • Fulda Wintercontrol 3PSF
  • Fulda Winterforce 3PSF

Take a look at our other brands in our range of truck and trailer tires.

Fast delivery Fulda truck tires

With our 24-hour service or delivery service we can deliver your new Fulda truck tires quickly. From our modern storage and distribution room we can deliver various truck tires directly and therefore quickly from stock.
Even after delivering your Fulda truck tires, we will gladly be of service!
It is particularly important to have your truck serviced on time and a regular inspection of the tires in particular can prevent dangerous situations on the road. What if you unexpectedly do come to a standstill on the side of the road? Then we will gladly help you on our way again with our international breakdown service!

Read more about our service and maintenance tips here.

Service and maintenance

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We gladly and professionally advise you on the basis of our extensive knowledge of transport and the many tire brands. Fulda is one of the tire brands in our range we are very proud of here at Mijnheer Truck Banden. We prefer to give you an advisory talk on the purchase of tires in a personal conversation at your location.

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