Michelin truck tires

The environment, traffic safety and efficiency are particularly important aspects for the international truck tire brand Michelin. Mijnheer Truck Banden shares this philosophy and is wholesaler and supplier of Michelin truck tires, in part because of this.
Michelin produces truck and trailer tires in many sizes and types, suitable for all types of transport. Michelin tires have a particularly long service life because it is possible to re-profile the truck tires or to replace the tire treads.

A leading quality brand since 1889

Michelin dates back to the 19th century and was founded in 1889 by the brothers Eduoard and André Michelin. Truck tires of the Michelin brand have each been specially developed, taking into account the specific use, the type of road surface and the different weather conditions under which they must function optimally. Every Michelin truck tire undergoes a series of quality checks, so that consistent quality is guaranteed.

Assortment Michelin tires at Mijnheer Truck Banden

In order to be able to equip your fleet with the right Michelin truck tires, we have a wide range of Michelin truck and trailer tires in stock. So that we can always optimally provide your fleet with the right truck tires. We supply both nationally and internationally, for this we use our 24-hour delivery. Naturally, our Michelin tires are provided with the European tire label with important product safety and environmental information. You can easily compare truck tires with each other on the basis of three criteria. These three criteria are: the noise output of a truck tire, the fuel efficiency and the degree of grip on a road surface in wet weather.

Truck tires in various versions

Below you will find a selection of our range of Michelin truck tires that we have in stock;

  • Long distance truck tires: X Line
  • Long distance / regional truck tires: X Multi, X Coach
  • Tires for urban transport: X Coach, X Works, X Incity
  • Yard and off road tires: X Works, X Force

Take a look at our other brands in our range of truck and trailer tires.


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