Sava truck tires, quality tires from Europe

Sava truck tires have been produced for nearly a century, by a professional group with a lot of expertise, that is supported by the Goodyear holding. The production of Sava tires takes place in one of the most advanced factories in Europe. This guarantees high-quality truck tires, sold in the millions around the world in the field of truck and trailer tires.

A varied assortment

Mijnheer Truck Banden has a varied assortment of Sava truck tires, the truck and trailer tires are delivered to you from stock by 24-hour delivery or delivery service.

Of course, all Sava truck tires have the European tire label on which criteria concerning the fuel efficiency, the grip on a wet road surface and the qualification the tire receives regarding the external rollout sound can be found.

A selection from our assortment

Sava steering axle tires suitable for regional and international transport:

  • Sava 315/70 R22.5 AVANT 4 PLUS 3PSF
  • Sava 315/70 R22.5 ORJAK 4 PLUS 3PF

Sava tires touring cars for the assembly on various positions:

  • Sava CITY U4 M+S

Sava trailer tires for regional and international transport, 10 tonnes:

  • Sava CARGO 4 HL 164K M+S

The history of SAVA truck tires

In the year 1921 four local businessmen start to work together to found a rubber factory in the city centre of Kranj, Slovenia. In this factory, rubber products, then under the brand name Vulkan, were produced.
In the years that followed Sava experienced several positive developments. The year 2000, the start of the new millennium, was a milestone for Sava. They celebrated their 80th anniversary and also entered the Ljubljana trade market. At that time, Sava was producing about 5,5 million tires a year from Kranj. In the year 2004, Goodyear became owner of Sava, which has been operating under the name Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires since 2004. Dunlop and Fulda are also remarkably strong brands within the Goodyear holding. Goodyear is now one of the largest tire manufactures in the world.  Sava continues to grow and expand steadily. They produce a whopping 7 million tires per year now!

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Our ample knowledge of transport and our knowledge about the many tire brands available ensures that we can perfectly advise you regarding the purchase and assembly of tire trucks, for example of the Sava brand. Sava is one of the brands in our range that we are especially satisfied with.

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