Tire Brands

We’ve been well known for over 40 years as a wholesaler and specialist supplier of truck tires from renowned brands. Among others, our assortment features the following brands;

You can order from us directly. We can supply many tires from our own warehouse’s stocks, always sharply priced!

Wholesaler and supplier of various sectors

Each type of transport demands the fitting of specific kinds of truck tires. This is because a wide range of factors such as the number of starts and stops, or the condition of the roads, have significant impact on tire performance. On top of that, improperly fitted tires can increase fuel consumption as well as wear on the mechanical parts of the truck. Aside from being a wholesaler and supplier, we are also advisors for the choice of the right tire for every form of transport.

Tires for various sectors

Service and maintenance

Have you run into problems with a specific tire brand, or gotten stuck by the side of the road with car troubles? Mijnheer Truck Tires also offers a breakdown service!
We guarantee the quality of our supplied brands and, where possible, can have them replaced, even abroad!

More than just truck tires

You can also come to us for, among other things, lock bolts and rims. We go beyond just supplying truck tires or providing breakdown services. By utilising personal contact, reliable knowledge, outstanding service, and fast delivery from our own stocks, we’ll go the extra mile for our customers. Though our headquarters is situated in Hoogeveen, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you on-site.

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