Truck tires from Bridgestone Corporation

Mijnheer Truck Banden is a wholesaler and supplier of Bridgestone truck tires. From our warehouse we can supply Bridgestone truck and trailer tires for both international and regional transport as well as on-road and off-road transport. Off course we also supply Bridgestone winter tires. All Bridgestone tires are equipped with the European tire label, which contains important information about the truck tire on safety and environment. You can easily compare truck and trailer tires on the basis of three set criteria. The relevant criteria include: the noise output of a truck tire, the fuel efficiency and the degree of grip on a road surface in wet weather.

Bridgestone truck tires, the history

Bridgestone is the largest rubber producer in the world, they are an especially important player in the production of truck tires.
In 1931, the Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi. Fun fact: the word bridgestone is the English translation of the founder’s surname. Ishibashi originally means “stone bridge”.
In 1984 the company name was changed to Bridgestone Corporation. In the 1980s, to be precise in 1988, Bridgestone also successfully took over the American tire manufacturer Firestone.

Truck and trailer tires of top quality

Delivering quality products and offering the best service and technology is the starting point that the Bridgestone brand has been focusing on since its foundation in 1931. In 1988, the company Firestone Tire & Rubber was added to the Bridgestone Corporation.
Since then, Bridgestone Corporation is the largest player in the tire market.

Assortment Bridgestone

We have a wide range of Bridgestone truck tires in stock.
So that we can quickly and easily equip your fleet with Bridgestone truck tires.
We supply both nationally and internationally, for this we use our 24-hour delivery. Or we use a professional courier service, we ensure that you are on the road quickly again!

A selection of what we have on offer:

International transport

  • Ecopia H-Drive 001
  • Ecopia H-Steer 001
  • Ecopia H-Trailer 001

Regional transport

  • R-Steer 001
  • R-Drive 001
  • R 297
  • R 297 Evo
  • M 788
  • M 729
  • M 730

Special transport

  • R 168

Light transport

  • M 729
  • R 227

On- and off-road tires

  • M-Drive 001
  • M-Steer 001
  • M-Trailer 001

Winter Tires

  • W 958
  • W 990
  • Nordic-Drive 001

Take a look at our other brands in our range of truck and trailer tires.


Information about Bridgestone truck tires

Mijnheer Truck Banden advises you with thorough knowledge.
We have a broad knowledge of the transport world and the many types of tire brands that are offered. Bridgestone is one of the brands in our range, a tire manufacturer that has been market leader for years.

We prefer to give a personal consultation about the purchase and assembly of truck tires. This is possible at your location or at another location of your choice. Would you like advice from a connoisseur of transport and truck tires?
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