Tires for various sectors

We have been well known as an all-round supplier of, among others, truck tires for various sectors for over 40 years. The sectors we specialise in are;

  • Regional transport
  • International transport
  • Urban transport
  • Civil & Construction

Aside from truck tires, we can also supply tires for trailers, trucks, and tour buses.

Regional transport

Online sales will only increase as websites become ever more prevalent and user friendly. This in turn leads to significant increases in regional transport. Frequently pulling up, braking, stopping, it all has an impact on the condition of the tires. Making use of the most effective tires can lead to significant cost reductions both in terms of fuel consumption as well as the life cycle of the vehicle and the tires. We would gladly advise you on which tires are suitable for regional transport.

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International transport

The life cycle of truck tires is of paramount importance when it comes to international transport. You wouldn’t want yourself or your employee sidelined with car trouble after only a few hundred kilometres after all. The laws and regulations about correct tire use in the export country must also be accounted for by the chosen tires. Naturally, your available budget is also kind of important.

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Urban transport

Comfort and total life cycle are two key properties of tour bus and public transport bus tires that must be in order. Our assortment for this sector is very comprehensive.

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Civil & Construction

Tires fitted to tools, means of transport, and machines used by the Civil & Construction sectors take a lot of punishment. Sand cars, wheel loaders, and articulated haulers usually drive on uneven ground, where chances of run-ins and tire damage are significantly high. To work efficiently and, most importantly, safely, usage of the correct tire is vital.

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Would you like to know what tires are most suitable for your vehicles? We’d love to join you on-site to reliably advise you about this. You can make an appointment by calling us via +31(0) 620 363 456. Or fill in this form as completely as possible.

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