Tires for construction and civil transport

The tires for vehicles, tools and machines used in the construction and civil sector, often have to endure a lot mechanically. The road or surface these machines drive on can be very different and often very taxing. In order to keep working safely and efficiently in this sector, also known as the sector Civil & Engineering transport, the application of a correct vehicle, machine, or tool tire is very important.

Suitable for usage in the Civil & Engineering transport sector

When purchasing a radial or bias tire you should not only take the size of the tires or the rims into account. The application of the machines and surface upon which they will be used, are decisive factors when purchasing a tire. A rough and rocky road or surface can heavily tax the tire of a vehicle, machine, or tool used in construction or civil transport. When a tire is not suitable for the task at hand, expensive damage can be sustained. A tire that is used in the construction and civil sector should often have a deeper thread, this ensures better traction and safe stability. Additionally, the thicker cheeks of the tires ensure extra protection against cuts and damage.

Tires for tools, machines and construction & civil vehicles.

The use of the correct tires in the construction and civil transport sector ensures less wear of the working or vehicle tires, and a more efficient fuel use.  Additionally, the assembly of the correct type of tire primarily ensures a safer means of locomotion and is less of a burden for our precious environment.

The right knowledge

The Mijnheer Truck Banden team has ample knowledge of many branches of transport. The construction and civil transport sector is also known as civil & engineering transport. Machines, vehicles, and tools should be equipped with the correct tire for each specific application and surface. We offer tailor-made advice for each vehicle or tool and have knowledge of the various working and road circumstances in the construction & civil transport sector. You will always receive tailor-made advice, so we can help you decide between the various tire brands suitable for this sector.

Naturally, this advice doesn’t stop at the sale! Mijnheer Truck Banden is happy to be your sparring partner; a reliable conversation partner even after the sale.

Make an appointment for professional advice

Mijnheer Truck Banden is the experienced specialist in, among others, delivering tires for the construction and civil sector. We will gladly discuss the possibilities during a personal consultation at your location. For a tailor-made offer we need as much detailed information as possible. For example, what will the tire be used for? On which surface will it be used?

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