International transport and truck tires

For businesses who are focused on international transport, it is especially important to always use the right type of truck tire. The lifespan of the tires, the effect of the truck tires on fuel use, and the rules and regulations of the country to which the tire is being exported, all play a part in deciding which truck tires to use.

Of course, your available budget is also important when buying and installing the tires to your fleet of trucks.

The lifespan of a truck tire abroad

Trucks drive large distances during international transport. This is taxing on the tires and can shorten their lifespan. An inferior road quality can be extra taxing on the truck tires. The type of load that is being transported is also of great importance to decide how resistant the tires need to be. All these factors need to be taken into account when choosing truck tires for international transport. So that the right tires can be purchased for their specific circumstances.

Fuel use

Truck tires that are too soft, a load that is not optimally divided in the trailer, or a tire tension that is too low: all these factors affect the truck tire and can lead to a higher use of fuel. To efficiently perform the international transport, these negative influences should be limited as much as possible. The optimal composition of the truck, as well as trailer tires, play a leading role in this.

Laws and traffic rules abroad

During winter time, it is compulsory in many countries within and outside Europe to fit winter tires on the drive axles of the truck. In Germany, it will be compulsory from 2020 onward to equip the steering axles of the truck with winter tires as well.
In short, it is very important to pay attention to the rules and regulations in the destination countries during international transport.

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What budget do you have reserved for truck tires?

When purchasing a truck tire for international transport, your available budget is of course key in making a decision. What sort of costs can you come to expect, and what sort of budget should you have in mind to be able to assemble the right truck tires? We are happy to tell you!

How Mijnheer Truck Banden can be of service

As you have read, there are many factors to take into account when searching for truck tires for international transport. Mijnheer Truck Banden is happy to take this important task on and will give you clear guidance, with knowledge of transport and tires!

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