Regional transport with the right truck tires

Regional transport will only increase in the upcoming years. Due a growing online market, there will be an increase in transport movement.

Regional transport is different from international transport. Starting up, braking, and stopping more occurs more frequently with regional transport and thus affects the way the truck tires are taxed. Clearly, different tires are suitable for regional transport than for international transport. Mijnheer Truck Banden has a lot of experience in all branches of transport; we are happy to advise you on the right type of tire for every kind of transport.

Truck tires suitable for regional transport

Choosing the right truck tires that are suitable for regional transport depends on multiple factors: The number of kilometers driven, the amount of start and stop movements, the type of transport, and the quality of the road. These environmental factors should be considered when making a decision about purchasing new truck tires. Assembling the wrong truck tires can, among other things, negatively affect the resistance and wear of the tires. The fuel use and mechanical defects of various truck parts are also affected by such circumstances.

With over 40 years of experience, we are THE specialist in delivering various brands of truck tires. As a national and international wholesaler, we can supply you with the right tires for all weather conditions, all types of transport and all sorts of road surfaces. Well-known brands which we have in stock in our assortment:

Purchasing optimal truck tires

Besides the fact that using the right type of truck tire limits wear and tear and fuel use, it also ensures a more efficient and, more importantly, a safer way of transporting. This will save costs on the long term. Purchasing and assembling optimal, great quality truck tires is also less taxing on the environment.

Knowledge of transport and tires

Mijnheer Truck Banden has a lot of knowledge on trucks, touring cars, trailers and agrarian vehicles and knows which tires are suitable for every vehicle, under all specific conditions. We offer advice so we can help you choose from the various brands of tires. Our advice does not end at the purchase. We are happy to remain a source of feedback and a great partner to you when it comes to advice about tires.

Maintenance and service for tires

If you encounter problems with a specific brand of truck tires from our assortment, we are happy to support you. We stand firmly behind our range of tires and always guarantee great quality tires. We ensure the correct handling or your complaint or we help you fix the problem.

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