Truck tires and touring car tires for urban transport

City transport, also known under the terms urban transport or town transport, demands a specific type of vehicle tire.  More and more is being ordered online by companies and private individuals, resulting in an increase in urban transport.  This is caused by the increase in the delivery and returns of packages.  About 250.000 trucks supply, among others, the retail, catering, and postal processing companies every day, in the Netherlands alone.

The transport of persons, by use of touring cars and local transport, is also increasing a lot.  It is essential to apply the correct truck or touring car tire for urban transport.  With city or urban transport, the driving is different compared to, for example, international transport.  Frequent acceleration, deceleration and stopping are actions that are carried out more often in urban transport than in international transport.  This has a great influence on the load of the tires of trucks, vans, and touring cars.  And it demands a specific type of tire, suitable for urban transport.

Mijnheer Truck Banden has a lot of experience in delivering tires for urban transport, we will gladly advise you on the correct tires for this branch of transport.

Suitable for city transport

The many start and stop movements within the city transport demands a lot from the thread and the rubber quality of a touring car or truck tire.  Continuity of transport is a key demand with regards to urban transport.  After all, when a bus for local transport, or a truck comes to a halt, this can quickly cost a lot of money.  It is therefore important to take a good look at the performances of the tire when purchasing new tires.  What is the average life span of the tires and what influence do the tires have on the use of fuel? Are the truck tires or local transport tires suitable to use under all weather circumstances? Important questions, we gladly inform and advise you about the correct tire.

A selection from our assortment

More than 40 years of experience make us the specialist in the delivery of various brands of truck tires and touring car tires.  As a wholesaler we can provide you with the correct tires for all types of transport.

Efficiently purchase tires for city transport

The use of the correct truck tires for urban transport ensures less wear on the tires and more efficient fuel use.  This can lead to significant savings.  Additionally, assembling the correct type of tires also ensures a safer way of transporting, and even has a smaller environmental footprint.

Knowledge of urban transport and the correct tires

Mijnheer Truck Banden has a lot of knowledge of vans, trucks, touring cars, trailers, and agricultural vehicles and knows which type of tires are suitable for every transport branch.  For every vehicle and under all road conditions.  You will receive tailor-made advice, so we can help you decide between the various tire brands suitable for urban (city) transport.

This advice doesn’t stop at the sale!  Mijnheer Truck Banden is happy to be your sparring and consultation partner when it comes to tire advice.


Should you have problems with a specific brand of truck tires from our assortment, we will happily assist you.  We 100% stand behind the quality of our tires and always guarantee perfect tires.  Should there unfortunately be a complaint, we will take care to process your complaint swiftly and neatly.

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