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Did you know that Mijnheer Truck Banden is the number one supplier and wholesaler of truck tires? With over 40 years of experience with truck tires, we provide sound advice. On top of that, you can also order various tires directly from us, which allows us to maintain competitive prices.

Examples of renowned brands in our range are;

Winter tires for truck or coach

Many countries now require the use of winter tires for trucks and coaches driving in winter conditions. Tires that are prescribed for these conditions may include the designations M+S, M&S, MS, Mud and Snow, or Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake. Naturally, we can supply this type of tire, as well as providing matching servicing and maintenance.

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Although we have no influence on the road conditions, the use of economic tires with low rolling resistance, combined with fuel-efficient trucks, proper maintenance, and an appropriate driving style, make it possible to reduce fuel consumption. Given the fluctuating fuel prices and increasingly stringent emission requirements, fuel consumption is becoming an important economic and ecological factor in the transport sector.

The correct tire pressure reduces fuel consumption

Not only the use of the correct steering axle, drive axle, or trailer tire is important for reduced fuel consumption. The correct tire pressure can help as well.

Not to mention that proper tires and tire pressure ensure safe transport and improved roadholding. The rolling resistance of a tire is highly dependent on the tension. A deviation of 1 bar from the nominal tire pressure may result in a 5% difference in rolling resistance, which can lead to a significant increase in fuel costs. Aditionally, under-pressure may have an adverse effect on the tire’s lifespan.

Tire label in EU countries

Since 2012, the European Parliament has made it compulsory to use an up to date tire label for newly produced truck tires. The label must at least include fuel efficiency, wet grip, and external rolling noise. Naturally, the new tires Mijnheer Truck Banden delivers all include this label.

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