The right tire pressure for efficient fuel use

Did you know that the assembly of the right truck tires and the right tire pressure doesn’t only ensure safer transport, but can also lead to a decrease in fuel consumption? You can thereby make a positive contribution to the environment. Truck tires that have a lower rolling resistance cause less CO2 emissions. The tires are less heavily loaded because they have better handling and as a result the truck tires last longer.

Optimally regulate truck tires and tire pressure

How do you know exactly what tire pressure is right for your truck tires? The right tire pressure can, after all, play a large part in optimising your fuel use. So you can save money while refueling! According to a research by TNO, under pressure of 20% of your truck tires results in no less than 4% more fuel consumption.

Three golden tips for monitoring the correct tire pressure

  1. Check the state of your truck’s tires every three weeks. Damaged valves, rusted rims or damaged tires can cause incorrect tire pressure, or even a blowout.  As mentioned before, lower tire pressure of course causes the rolling resistance to decrease and the fuel consumption to increase.
  2. Keep the truck tires at the right pressure. The optimal tire pressure is easily determined thanks to the speed index and the mentioned loading index. The loading index and the speed index data can be found on the cheek of the truck tire.
  3. Ensure a correct distribution of the load.  When the trailer is too heavily loaded or when there is an incorrect distribution of the freight, this can cause an inefficient rolling resistance.  This can in turn lead to more wear and extra use of fuel.

In the illustration below you can clearly see what the influence of correct or incorrect tire pressure is on the thread and shoulders of the truck tire. The red colour indicates where the tires are extra heavily loaded.

Right truck tires for a lower fuel use

By using the correct type of tires you can easily ensure that the truck tires contribute to decreased fuel use.  Mijnheer Truck Banden has been advising its customers on the field of delivery, assembly, and maintenance of truck tires for many years.

We distinguish 4 kinds of transport: Building & Civil, international transport, regional transport, and city transport.

Information about tires, use and environment

Would you like to know which truck tires ensure decreased fuel use? Or do you want to know more about our tire brands, and what we can mean for you when purchasing new truck tires?

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