Winter Tires

In the Netherlands, winter tires are still not legally required because the winters are relatively short and mild, but increasingly more countries both in and outside of Europe require trucks and touring cars to use winter tires.

The connected obligations can differ significantly per country. Several examples include;

  • Winter tires are obligatory in a certain period of the year
  • Winter tires are obligatory on the drive shaft under winter conditions
  • Winter tires are obligatory in case of a specific road sign

In Germany, for instance, legislation for the use of winter tires on trucks has already been tightened. As a result, winter tires are obligated in Germany for trucks in case of frost, black ice, snow mud, and snowfall on at least the front axles.

Check out the current map for winter tires and snow chains

Mud and Snow tires

The M+S or M&S marking denotes Mud and Snow and means that tires are suitable for these conditions. The performance of these tires is not subject to special legal minimum requirements, only that these have to meet the minimum requirements of the Snow Grip Index.
The M+S tires may be used in Germany until September 2024 if these have been produced before January 1, 2018. The winter tire’s production date can be found on the side and consists of a 4-digit code.

Three Peak Mountain Snowflake winter tires

As of 2018, the tires in Germany have a Three-Peak-Mountain with snowflake symbol (abbreviated as 3PMSF) in addition to an M+S marking. To increase traction and improve road holding, the use of so-called Three Peak Mountain Snowflake winter tires is recommended. The 3PMSF tires are also referred to as Alpine winter tires. There are European legal requirements that apply to 3PMSF tires. The tires may only bear the marking if they meet the Snow Grip Index minimum requirements. This type of winter tire has been tested on various snowy surfaces and meets various features of the Snow Grip Index.

Winter tire brands

Mijnheer Truck Banden offers various brands of winter tires, including; Continental, Bridgestone, Hankook and Fulda.

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